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Why Bowflex Why Bowflex®
Bowflex is the way to completely reshape your body. If you want to lose weight, get in great shape and feel great, Bowflex is for you. This revolutionary gym delivers the gym-quality results you want in your own home.

Call our friendly fitness experts to answer your questions at: (Malaysia) 1-800-88-BOWFLEX (2693)
Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Bowflex® home gyms. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please allow our customer service representatives to assist you. Call us toll free at
(Malaysia) 1-800-88-BOWFLEX (2693).

How do I pick the Bowflex® home gym that is right for me?

Bowflex comes in several configurations and models – which means that there’s a Bowflex® machine that fits your exact needs and exercise goals! The Bowflex Xtreme is our top-of-the-line series, featuring the latest in fitness design, engineering and construction. The Xtreme offers a 3 year limited warranty – in addition to the Bowflex No-Time-Limit Power Rod® warranty. The Xtreme offers over
65 exercises. The Xtreme comes standard with 210 pounds of resistance and is upgradeable to 410 pounds. We want to help you
find the right Bowflex® fitness equipment for your needs. Our friendly fitness experts are available to answer your questions. Just call us toll free at
(Malaysia) 1-800-88-BOWFLEX (2693).

How big is the machine and how easy is it to move around?

See the chart below for a breakdown of the dimensions for the fully-loaded, top-of-the-line model from each Bowflex® product line. Within each product line, dimensions vary by model.

Bowflex® Home Gym
  Xtreme™ XTLU Sport™
Folded Footprint -- L 132 (cm) x W 96.5 (cm) x H 221 (cm)
Dimensions L 143 (cm) x W 127 (cm) L 228.6 x W 96.5 (cm)
Height H 211 (cm) H 215 (cm)
Workout Area L 214 (cm) x W 200 (cm) L 255 (cm) x W 200 (cm)

Bowflex® TreadClimber®
  TC 3000 & TC5000 (same dimensions)
Folded Footprint L 120 (cm) x W 75 (cm)
Dimensions H 140 (cm)
Workout Area L 61 (cm) x W 91 (cm)

Bowflex® Treadmill
  3 Series 5 Series 7 Series
Folded Footprint L 99 (cm) x W 89 (cm)
x H 152 (cm)
L 104 (cm) x W 89 (cm)
x H 166 (cm)
L 104 (cm) x W 89 (cm)
x H 166 (cm)
Walking Surface W 51 (cm) x L 137 (cm) W 51 (cm) x L 152 (cm) W 51 (cm) x L 152 (cm)

Bowflex® SelectTech™
  SelectTech™ 221 Dumbbells SelectTech™ 221 Stand SelectTech™ 3.1 Bench
Dimensions L 40 (cm) x W 20.5 (cm)
x H 22.5 (cm)
L 40.5 (cm) x W 54.5 (cm)
x H 60 (cm)
L 143 (cm) x W 67 (cm)
x H 50 (cm)
Weight 2 dumbbells: 23.8 kg each 22.7 kg 24.9 kg

Plus, the Bowflex Sport home gyms have wheels on the back so you can just tip them back and roll them where you want it to go!

How do Power Rods work? Do they offer real resistance?

The Bowflex® Power Rod® System offers resistance from the start to finish of each exercise (unlike weight stacks). Power Rods feel very much like free weights or dumbbells. Power Rod® resistance is progressive, meaning that the more you flex the rods, the more weight you are displacing. Resistance strength training with the Power Rods is what makes Bowflex so effective. If you still have questions, call our customer service request a FREE DVD at (Malaysia) 1-800-88-BOWFLEX (2693) to answers any of these questions and more!
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