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Get to know more about how Bowflex® Why should I get fit?

Getting healthy has many advantages. Some people want to get fit to increase their health, while others want to do it to look good in that outfit.

Give a call today at 1-800-BOWFLEX today to talk to a fitness specialist today about a whole new you. At Ace Sporting and Fitness, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

• Getting Healthy

• Women and Fitness
• Balanced Diet
• Gaining Muscle
• Lose Fat

Getting Healthy
For thousands of years, physical activity has been associated with health. Today, science has confirmed the link, with overwhelming evidence that people who lead active lifestyles are less likely to die early, or to experience major illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer. Aerobic (moderate level workouts of intensity for a long period of time) and anaerobic (high intensity workouts for less period of time) activity have been linked to the reduction of several heart and cardio respiratory problems, such as coronary heart disease. But it’s often difficult to change exercise habits. Thinking about your motivation can help. Physical activity will not only assist in muscular development, it also increases the durability and strength of your skeletal muscles. The skeletal muscles line the bones, which are directly associated with posture and frequent, daily movements.

Women and Fitness
Women don’t want to weight train because they don’t want body builder physique. Most women, however, can not obtain this physique naturally where as its much easier for men to do so. Men have a substantial amount of a natural hormone called testosterone. This hormone allows males to initiate into more vigorous workouts and promotes muscle gain by assisting amino acids (natural building blocks of muscle) that repair muscle. While men have testosterone, the female body is prevalent with the hormone estrogen; which means that unless a woman starts lifting very heavy amounts, the estrogen will prevent her from becoming large while allowing her to tone and shape her body. Estrogen, combined with resistance training will also strengthen bones and increase bone density.

Balanced Diet
Combining your resistance training with Bowflex® with the proper types of food will build and solidify a stable mind and body. A general misconception about muscle training and food is either, “I’m trying to build muscle, so I’m going to eat everything I see,” or “I am trying to lose weight, so I will diet and not eat at all.” These are both problematic approaches to a proper diet. A good mixture of fats, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber (as well as vitamins and minerals), will keep the body well rounded and balanced while using your Bowflex® to get that body you have always wanted. Every individual’s body responds differently, and your genetic makeup ultimately will determine how and what you can eat. By eating correctly however, you can effectively reduce your chances of acquiring certain diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis.

Muscle Gain
By way of the Bowflex® machines, you now have the full capability put on solid gains of muscle more effectively. It should be noted that as stated earlier, it is easier for a male to gain muscle mass easier than a female due to the genetic distribution of testosterone and estrogen. Any time you are exercising, you are building muscle up, whether it is to tone or to gain mass. Using light weight and high repetition is geared more towards toning muscle. In contrast, by using heavier weight and lower repetition is considered mass muscle building. What happens is by using this heavier weight, you are exerting the muscles force by almost 2-3 times. Correlated with a proper balanced diet, your body will repair those muscles making them stronger than before at an accelerated rate

Losing Fat
The greatest misconception of all is that muscle can turn into fat, and fat can turn into muscle. Fat and muscle are two separate identities of the body, and have no capability of transforming from one into the other. Resistance training and aerobic activity burn calories and strengthen muscle, all while reducing fat. Aerobic performance, such as circuit training with Bowflex® Sport yields the most caloric burn. Within fat, your body stores muscle repairing acids. During and after the workout, your body goes to capture these repairing acids; therefore, to get to them, your body will need to burn fat. Regardless if you are trying to build muscle, tone your body, or lose weight, the Bowflex® provides you with all the essentials to obtain the physically fit body you need.

* Disclaimer: This information is intended for informational purposes only and should not be the sole determinant of your workout program. Any questions regarding health should be directed to a licensed physician.

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